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A Brief Overview Of G.A.V. International School


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What We Aim To Accomplish

We, at G.A.V. believe that every child has the potential to reach this ‘perfection’ provided he/she has the right motivation and the right guidance. It is our aim to provide holistic stimulus to each child to maximize every aspect of his or her potential be it intellectual, physical, emotional, social, ethical, artistic or cultural
We are recognized as the leading provider of a world class, balanced, co-educational, boarding experience. We promote the education to the broad national level and to fulfil its primary charitable purpose of educating young people, including a proportion of pupils who would otherwise be unable to afford the fees.

Our Facilities Help Students Achieve Excellence


Classroom is a special place that we remember throughout our life G.A.V provides well furnished classrooms to the students.Our classroom environment promotes and stimulate collaborative learning. Collaborative learning increases a student's self-awareness about how othe...


They offer a rich stock house of knowledge that remains forever with an individual throughout his life. Keeping the importance of books in view, a spacious well - stocked library serves as a special feature of the school. Books related to different subject and fields are available...

Computer Lab

Present day is the time of scientific advancement and information technology where computers are becoming indispensable. It is made sure that the GAV International School Kids are in no way left behind whether it is the usage of Multimedia kits for computer games and..

Art-Craft Room

Art & Craft just fit in together. They are a different process, of course, but hold the same meaning: creation. Art involves an unstructured activity where children can explore and create anything with their imaginations; however, craft involves a structured activity where children create...

Science Laboratories

The Science labs are equipped with necessary tools, systems, devices and infrastructure. We appreciate the importance of the lab for a science student and make every effort to enrich the learning experience inside the lab, Students to get the best equipment

Sports & Fitness

Academics can be made successful if sports activities are attached to it, G.A.V. International School aims at encouraging every student to get involved in sports activities. Students, here, get the best facilities of indoor games (chess, carom board, table tennis) and outdoor...

The Words Of Our Mentor

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Education is not the learning of facts, but the ability of each individual to think for themselves.


The key to success is to keep growing in all areas of life-mental,physical as well as spiritually.


Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity.

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